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A job description is the preview of what is required on the job. According to the video a job description needs the following: define the expectations, establish the process and list the requirements. Below is a summary of the information I believe needs to be in a job description. First and foremost a job description needs to have a job title and summary. The job title should be for the position the company is looking to fill. It should include the level as well. The summary would detail a definition of the position. The summary should be short and to the point. Next, the job description should list the essential functions of the position. The list should be what the company expects. The functions should also give the employee and idea of what a typical day on the job would be like. Third, the job description should list skills and qualifications. This is important to list all mandatory skills and qualifications to alleviate applicants that won’t fit what the job is requiring. Such qualifications should include skills, years of experience, certifications, licenses, education level and necessary technical proficiencies. Lastly the description should list the location, type of employment, salary range, benefits and recruiter contact. The location should be where the potential employee report. It should also indicate if traveling will be required and at what percentage. The type of employment should be very clear. Examples of types of employment include but are not