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Job Description:

Hours until after school ends: 8:30 – 2:00 – essentially 25 – 28 hours a week
Summer move into lead advisor role: 7:00 – 4:00/6:00 (flexibility on time depending on coordination with husband’s work schedule) – essentially full-time

Business Development: Because I’m extroverted, it is important to engage with others outside of the office. Woo theme…allow for me to attend lunches and events where I can interact…hopefully many during the day and some in the evening.

Be part of the overall operations but in the weeds on a certain number.
-Compliance – okay
-Financial Planning and CRM Software, presentation layout for clients
-marketing – hosting events
-Assist with operational workflows – improvement and building from ground up – onboarding clients, client meetings, etc.
-Be able to delegate detailed, in the weeds fixes for overall improvement to competent associates because I want time to get to know the clients and move back into the advisor role without operations being the primary focus

Prefer to not be on the hardware or networking side of IT.

Take a heavier role in financial planning research rather than investment research.
Mentor Associate role –
Have mini learning sessions set up for everyone at firm re: different aspects of financial planning and investments

Open communication on firm’s strategic plan, immediate and future goals and plans and steps needed to get there. Periodic “mandatory” meetings to discuss immediate client issues as well as the big picture.

Work with intelligent clients (without being intellectually arrogant – Tee Gee word) that fit well with our investment philosophy and process. Not just take anyone.