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Job Analysis 1) Question for job holder carries out ( sales manager) , what they expected to sales assistant. 2) Ask for the last staff who did this job, which function he did. 3) Observe the other employer in the same position and the job holder, for find, things that the new sales assistant have to do and what the organisation would like that this staff do and what is really important .
After the analysis of the issues presented above were made other parts of portfolio.

Job Title: Sales Assistant
Job Ref: MASK 011
Reports To: Sales Manager 1. Main Job Purpose: a) To assist the sales and marketing managers by reporting sales information and resolving problems. b) To assist the sales floor by offering customer support.

2. Job Duties and Responsibilities

a) Attending training sessions b) Learning about product details c) Assisting shoppers to find the goods and products they are looking for. d) Being responsible for processing cash and card payments. e) Responsável pela segurança dentro da loja e estar a olhar para os ladrões e cartões de crédito fraudulentos, etc. f) Stocking shelves with merchandise. g) Reporting discrepancies and problems to the supervisor. h) Responsible dealing with customer complaints. i) Check cash registers with receipts.

3. Working Environmental a) The job requires 38 hours per week, including weekend. Could be necessary extra hours. b) The work environment includes a street shop, its stock administration and administration.

4. Reporting structure

Job Description prepared by: Tereza Asdrubal
Date : April 2013

Job Title: Sales Assistant
Job Ref: MASK 011 1. Education and professional qualifications :
* Educated to O- level standard or equivalent (QCF level 2) in English * Graduation complete or incomplete in areas related businesses (eg marketing or management) Desirables: * Training and courses about sales, management of clients or inventory. * Drive license * NVQ / SVQ Retail Operations at levels 2, 3 and 4.

Source of Criteria evidence * Analyses of CV * Certification * Interview

2. Experience - Knowledge
Essential : a) Be able to serve customers and help them find what they want
Will be evaluated the number of sales made and the ability to resolve possible problems with customers.
Setting- up: coordination, negotiation and methods of communication.
Proactivity: how take the initiative for resolve client problems

b) Be able to work in team work will be evaluated as you are identified and follow the standards inside the Organisation and how to relate to other workers and to coordinate these activities.

c) To able to Organise inventories and shelves according to need Replacements Store

d) Be able to effectively administer and check the cashier account.


a) An understanding of the context in this company and be able go beyond their functions of general benefit to the organization. 3. PERSONAL QUALITIES & ATTRIBUTES

* Should be friendly and extrovertly and good ability to communicate * Should be comfortable in team work * Must be helpful and polite * should have a comprehensive understanding with the client * Should have ability to work