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Set up and operate ground support and test equipment to perform functional flight tests of electrical and electronic systems.
Test and troubleshoot instruments, components, and assemblies, using circuit testers, oscilloscopes, or voltmeters.
Keep records of maintenance and repair work.
Coordinate work with that of engineers, technicians, and other aircraft maintenance personnel.
Interpret flight test data to diagnose malfunctions and systemic performance problems.
Install electrical and electronic components, assemblies, and systems in aircraft, using hand tools, power tools, or soldering irons.
Adjust, repair, or replace malfunctioning components or assemblies, using hand tools or soldering irons.
Connect components to assemblies such as radio systems, instruments, magnetos, inverters, and in-flight refueling systems, using hand tools and soldering irons.
Assemble components such as switches, electrical controls, and junction boxes, using hand tools or soldering irons.
Fabricate parts and test aids as required

SR Electrical Engineer
The Daniel Group
Job Description
The Senior Electrical Engineer is responsible for providing technical guidance, problem resolution and design support for operation and maintenance of electrical equipment for the assigned assets. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Perform the role of Subject Matter Experts (SME) for issues pertaining to electrical matters.
Troubleshoot, review, and implement solution for electrical problems/issues.
Provide technical standards/reports for preventative and predictive maintenance and repair of electrical equipment.
Provide technical expertise during testing, commissioning, and start-ups on new electrical equipment installation.
Support project engineering group in reviewing designing of electrical equipment, electrical distribution systems and substations.
Work within other organization to identify trends and opportunities to improve plant/stations availability, increase plant capacity, growth, reliability, maintainability and expandability.
Ensure that electrical equipment meets safety requirements and all applicable city, state, and federal codes and standards.
Review, improve, interpret, develop and maintain company standards & specifications for electrical.
Job Requirements

The successful candidate will meet the following qualifications:
A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical