Job Essay: My Work At Pine Island Golf Course

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I work at Pine Island Golf Course as a summer job to save money over the summer before college, it's not too bad of a job, but my boss's attitude declines daily. He sadly is a very bitter and negative person and often I think and question my boss’s lifestyle. I just don’t understand why he’s so negative all the time. This stretched the question to several of my boss’s. It just seems no matter how hard I or other’s try. Something is always wrong. This lifestyle is a bit miserable to be around I must say.

Once talking to other’s I find out he doesn’t like this job, doesn’t get paid well, has health issues, along with various other problems, and instead of trying to deal with those problems, he’s turned into a grumpy overworked angry manager. It’s so sad, and also very strange to me how people can invest so much time and energy into a singular work environment that they hate so much? He talks constantly about how he dislikes his job, yet is trapped by the “trappings” of the world. House payments, kids, wife, car payments, (etc.), so the logical things would be to find a job that he does enjoy wouldn’t it? But no, ignorance and laziness may play a role, along with the fact that he maybe cannot find a job he enjoys around here. Nonetheless it made me realize that before you become tied down to a job, security, a family, or kids; make sure you have a job or lifestyle you enjoy! Because if you don’t you will not only regret it, but take it out on others around