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Job Hiring Analysis With my job offering me a managerial position I am being promoted into a management position, which is leaving my old position vacant as a quality control manager for the United States Air Force. With that being said, someone that has my caliber of education and experience is needed to fulfill this position as a quality control manager for the wing and base. This is a very important position and the right amount of experience and education is needed to ensure that the base and wing policies and proper support of aircrafts. The safety of the pilots and crew are on the hands of the ones making sure the work to the aircrafts are done correctly by the book. There is no room for mistakes and no room for incompetence in this position so when hiring for this position there are key things that need to be looked at before a selection is made and this position is filled. First thing that is needed is a brief introductory about the job. This is something that will be posted about the job to any available potential candidates that are interested in this job position or think they are eligible to be hired for this position.
Job Introductory;
This position is located with the United States Air Force Aviation Wing, Maintenance Group. The primary purpose of this position is to establish and execute a planned systematic approach of quality assurance for all areas of aircraft maintenance, designed to provide the maintenance managers confidence that aircraft, aircraft systems, munitions, equipment, products or supporting processes conform to technical, safety, work load and customer requirements. The overall objective is to ensure that quality considerations are addressed and requirements achieved for all aircraft maintenance work and support functions to ensure end items perform as intended with reliability. Serves as the primary technical advisory process in the maintenance organization designed to assist maintenance managers. Serves as the Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) for the planning, implementation and execution of a quality assurance program that includes the full range of quality principles, concepts, inspection techniques, surveillance and evaluations related to quality assurance functional programs of all assigned aircraft, aircraft components, aerospace ground equipment, electronic equipment & systems, armament, munitions, engines, associated systems and maintenance personnel from numerous job series, and maintenance disciplines. This is what the introductory statement would be as I announce my old job for potential candidate to fill my old position. Now that the description is up and announced I would have to put up the duties and responsibilities for this position so potential candidates will know exactly what is expected from them and additional duties as assigned not limiting them to just the job description.
Major duties and responsibilities;
Serves as the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for wing maintenance policy, advising supervisors and employees on both general policy and specific maintenance matters. Makes decisions and recommendations on technical concerns presented by supervisors. Utilizes a comprehensive knowledge and ability to interpret Air Force Instructions, Technical Orders, engineering drawings, product specifications, Air Force Occupational and Health (AFOSH) and environmental standards, public law, and locally developed policy. Evaluates and assesses complex systems, subsystems, integrated systems/subsystems, or components for conformance to applicable technical data, engineering drawings, standards and specifications. Evaluates, conducts reviews, activity inspections and management compliance of all maintenance activities to include the logistics maintenance support functional areas such as production, programs and mobility, maintenance training, plans, scheduling and documentation and data base management as directed by the Maintenance Group