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When I was in high school, I had a friend named Hani. He was big strong physically. He tended to eat a lot. At that time, I was the school Rugby team captain. I needed someone who has a big and strong physical in our team. I think he was the best guy to fit the place. But, he hated sport and that was the biggest problem and I had to find a way on how to persuade him to join our rugby team. I believe, if he join our team, the state’s championship is ours. In order to get him onto our team, I needed to plot effective strategies.
First of all, I got to know and be a close friend of him. It’s important to create a strong relation and generate trust with someone we want to persuade. Friend always trust their best friend. At that time, I believed that if he trust me, it will be easy to persuade him to join our team. I started to spend more time with him. We ate and studied together.
Without realising it, I actually have used all the Aristotle’s appeals which are ethos, pathos, and logos. I used pathos when I made him remembered about a senior that he respected the most. To be clear, although our rugby team was one of the most successful club in our high school, I don’t think he will join our team because of that. Then, when I approached him and talked about a senior named Lolo, who was a rugby player and one of the top student in academic of our school, he began to realised and showed positive reaction. The pathos was used when I told him the feeling if we won the state’s tournament. I made him imagined the moment when our team won the tournament after all hardships and harsh training. I used logos when I stated all the reasons why he should agree with me and join our rugby team. I told him that if he joined the rugby team, he will become healthier. All the fitness during our training can made him become a muscular and handsome guy. Besides that, nowadays, to be qualified into college, they are not looking at academic perspective only. They wanted a student who got good achievement in both academic and non-academic activities like sports.
Furthermore, in order to always get a good respond from him, I chose perfect time to talk to him. I knew him since form 1. He hated to talk or been disturbed during studying and eating. I persuaded him after school and meal. I treated him lunch several time though to make him joined our rugby team. He usually had a good mood after that time and tended to give good response. Whenever he had any problems, I will always be the first one to help him. It was to make him feel indebted. For me, after been thanked, it was the best time for me to persuade him to join our rugby team. Besides that, I never been biased or argue in biased way when I’m trying to persuade him to join our high school rugby team. People do have independent thought. Maybe he likes football more than rugby. But I didn’t know. So, the best way was I mention all sides of argument, for example, I stated all benefits and disadvantages of playing rugby. It was because, there were certain type of people who will be less likely to believe or agree with someone if the persuader is bias person. Example of advantages that I told him were, if he joined rugby, he can improved his fitness and endurance, increased his speed, and able to developed some skills like team skills, communication skills and can increased self-discipline. Disadvantages that I highlighted to him was exposed to injuries. Next, I putted up high expectation on him. It was because I’m the captain of the team. For example, if you have a son, and you keep on telling him ‘you are a