Job Satisfaction Essay

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Satisfaction obtained from work is considered as a more and more crucial way to achieve happiness. In the following essayI don't think you really need this part., I will look at the contributions to job satisfaction as well as the reality for expectation of job satisfaction to be got.
An employee can feel satisfied by motivation from both financial side and non-financial side. On one hand, money is the most motivating factor financially. Undoubtedly, a high salary or wage rate contributes to job satisfaction as people often feel like being praised with a realistic reward. This is because the level of income in most occasions is regarded as a method to measure one's success. In short, as an effective incentive, money is directly related to job satisfaction. On the other, non- financial remunerations for employees also lead to the degree how they are satisfied from work. This includes short holidays, price reductions for specific products, free accommodation inside the company and so forth. What's more, a satisfying working condition is necessary as well. Just imagine, if the workers work in a house which is full of dangerous machines, disgusting smell of smog and a dark environment without light, it is unlikely for them to be motivated. Therefore, good working conditions are strongly required. In addition, the chance of being recognized especially when being promoted and training programs offered influence job satisfaction as well. Above all of these factors help employees