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kapalan university | BULLIES | UNIT 6 PROJECT | | AVIS MITCHELL | 1/22/2013 |


Bullying is initiated by individuals who direct belligerent or harassing behavior towards another, with the intent of gaining power over or dominating the other person, or using their strength to impress others. The behavior can be either a verbal, physical or emotional attack, which is a behavior that reoccurs over a period of time. In general, the inclination to bully is factored by the child’s background and environment. The child’s personality or disposition tends to be aggressive and impulsive. The child usually will not model empathy or express concerns of feelings for others. The child usually exhibit’s selfish behaviors and have a tendency to attempt to control most situations. They are very confident and generally strong in statue. Parenting styles and their home environment is significant in determining the attitude of a child that demonstrates bullying actions. Children, who lack adult supervision, respect for others, warmth and kindness from others will usually welcome negative defenses and direct negative forces to vulnerable individuals. Children that are spanked frequently or physically abused within their household are candidates that develop hostility towards others. The children may be exposed to domestic violence or aggression may be common within their household used as a tool to solve difficult situations. Children are faced with many dilemmas when attempting to develop their self concept And even in school they have to prove themselves. Given the notion that some school officials disregard bullying and some children may be reprimanded for reporting inappropriate behaviors by others. Children may be stereotyped based on their economic status. In the event the child who is the bully does not have financial constraints; he is less likely to be approached by school officials to correct his or her hostile behavior towards others. These children suffer from a lack of inclusion in school, home and community and this result in children who are destined to be people that bully others. In turn these children seek attention that is not conducive constructing productive citizens. They may even have support from members of their community the encourage bullying. A way in which other are intimidated by them, they may also resort to developing a gang mentality and find satisfaction in abusing others.
Children bully because they are abused at home, to achieve popularity, they are in need of money to fulfill their wishes and desires, they are hungry and they need to eat and drink because they don’t get fed at home, they have displaced anger, they feel powerless and out of control, and they lack self esteem. People may bully because they are jealous of someone and they may not know how it makes other people feel and the person who is bullying may be bullied him or her too. Some children allow themselves to be bullied because they are not strong