Job Satisfaction Factors

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Circumstances Affecting Job Satisfaction of Senior High School Educators

HUMSS 12-4
Alvaro, Mark Ian B.
Amatorio, Cyel C.
Buan, Rowena I.
Cagadas, Ma. Xela B.
Cuyos, Hazel Mae
Ilagan, JyanneKhristine M.
Juralbal, Margarita G.

As 21st century entered the Philippines, particularly the Department of Education (DepEd) introduced its new type of curriculum called K-to-12 basic education, way back 2012 during Aquino III presidency. An additional 2 years for secondary level - 4years for junior high and 2years for senior high, to be globally competitive and enhance the student's potentials as inclined to the objectives of DepEd. It is divided into two track the Academic track, where Science
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The mere fact that an educator remained the school can consider that he/she satisfied on his job, contradict with those who leave their job in the first year of work. Preventing an educator to leave on school indicated that the management practice a good performance both side - on school and human power (includes educator and school staff). Good thing also that the environment of work field is being overviewed for the sake of nice work environment. The better the work environment, the better the job performances. Understanding the educator's need prevents them from leaving on their job, that's the reason why most of the educator remain is because of their needs as an educator supplied by the …show more content…
As the number of graduate student increased, then the number of job competitors increased also. Quitting a profession is not that easy because you'll have a hard time searching for new one. This can be a possible factor why most of worker don't easily give up on their job. They chose to stay rather than leaving. The consequences of leaving the job can result in poor management or poor performance. It is important to have the new avenue of work experiences that's why a lot of seminar and activities are conducted. Retooling them and rebranding the work field is an effective way. With that job satisfaction encountered by an educator. For some instances, if an educator is new from his/her job the management must do a seminar, training or activity that helps the competencies of an educator, with the educator would feel important to the management and build a good report between them. Having a good relationship with work result to job stay and even to job satisfaction. Schools to be specific must provide the basic need of an educator. If they invest in their educator, this led to good educator-school management relationship. They made harmony with each other and they created job fulfillment both sides. This can be an edge to have an excellent performance. Lowering the risk of numerous quitting on the