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A Job vs. A Career: The Good and the Bad There is and always will be the difference between a job and a career depending on how much you try and enjoy the experience. A job is where you go just to make extra money, you have it because you do not have necessary skills for other positions, and you do not enjoy that much. A career is somewhere you enjoy going every day, a place you trained for and studied for to get in the position, and just an overall good experience. My experiences have been a mixture of all of both options. I can look back and honestly not complain at any choices I made in the past. My first job was as a counselor in training at a Boy Scout summer camp. It was an unpaid position, but it let me learn many skills I would need. The following summer, I went back as a kitchen staff member because I liked it so much, and it was a good time because I met so many new people which are still friends, but the downfall was that I had a set schedule every single day which included, no breaks or personal time. I would not recommend anybody to the camp in the position I held, but currently the camp is closed until further notice so I cannot either way. My second job was at a local, in town, summer camp for 5 days a week only 4 hours a day. It was enjoyable due to the fact that everybody that worked was from the same school or town. Also, it was fun because I was able to enjoy being outside all the time having fun and enjoying being a kid again. I would recommend the job to anyone looking for a part-time seasonal summer job due to the excellent way the camp instructors and managers were, and that it is very easy to get noticed. The next job that I had, was horrible, not going to lie. I worked for the company for only about a week and a half due to the staff, the techniques, and the bad keeping of financial books. I thought it was an actual job than found out; it was a scam group that made kids become door-to-door salesmen and women. You were promised a certain amount to be paid, but then was paid at least $150 less. It was a horrible experience even for the brief time I was there. My current job, which I could see ending up as a career for a few years now is my personal favorite so far. It is teaching me real life skills