Essay on Jody vs the Crows

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Short stories can portray both the negative and the positive side of humanity. This comment is applicable to all of the short stories we have read this semester but is more applicable to the short story Pony. This essay will try to highlight both the negative and positive aspects of the short story.
Animals become a very big part of people’s lives. They are emotionally attached to their animals and will do almost anything to protect their loved ones.
Jody felt very deeply and was very close to his pony. An example of this is that he sat with Gabilan all night long watching him. The conditions where bitterly cold and the wind was blowing outside.
Jody’s mum also shows positive emotion as she brought him some dinner while he was overlooking his pony. She felt very sad to see her son suffering so much over an animal that was very special to him.
When Jody woke up in the morning and his pony was missing he ran outside and started to frantically search for it. He never thought about himself- only the pony and the will to find it (ears were burning red and out of breath – winded).
When he found his pony the buzzards (birds) were attacking it. His first reaction was to get rid of the buzzard at any cost (kill them) – in order to save his pony.
He (Jody) is much bigger, physically stronger and can do more than the buzzard. Both he and the bird were about the same height. Jody ruined the bird’s life because he killed the bird and kept on hitting it after it was dead. He was taking a stance in order to protect his pony.