Joe Clark Lean On Me

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School is an extremely important agent of socialization because it teaches proper values and norms. School assist students strongly when the family fails to teach proper manners. The movie “Lean on Me” is a great example of the importance of school. Further, it shows how beneficial and how much school can impact an individual life. The movie is about East Side High school located in Paterson, New Jersey. The school becomes one of the lowest-ranked school in the state. The student body of the school failed to earn the minimum passing percentage of the basic knowledge and skills test. Moreover, causing Joe Clark to become the new principle and help the school enormously. The conflict of the movie is that students not being able to pass the test. As a result, Joe clark tend to interact heavily with students helping them pass. Lastly, the functionalist perspective would be Joe coming into the picture and saving the school making it run smoothly. The conflict of the movie is the students not passing the test and the school losing it’s power to the state. Unfortunately, the school was filled with drug dealers, trouble-makers, and narcissistic individuals. Those individuals prevented the rest of the students to earn a good education. As a result, one of the first actions Joe took was expelling such …show more content…
The movie includes all the theoretical perspectives.The conflict was the students not being able to achieve the minimum passing percentage. The school was not prepared or organized to achieve this goal. Further, Joe Clark interaction with the students helped discipline the school making the goal of passing the test more realistic. He does so by helping the students solve their problems whether it was personal or not. In addition, the functionalist perspective would be Mr Clark cleaning the school, having an optimistic attitude, and constantly encouraging the