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Executive Summary
An analysis of the gradual growth and expansion obstacles of Fluss Washer and Dryer, after Fluss AG (Swiss parent company) earned profits of $15 billion in the fiscal year 2010.
Following the meeting of the Global Executive Committee on 1st February 2011, the report summarises the issues, analyses causes and effects and provides recommendations on resolving the problems to focus on business development in the fiscal year 2011.
The report concentrates on three issues affecting the Global Executive Committee of Fluss Washer and Dryer; the organisational structure hindering growth, leadership efficiency and motivation of employees. The analysis covers centralisation vs decentralisation of the organisational structure
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Their results indicated that empowerment does in fact have a positive impact on the given task, the people involved and the level of customer satisfaction.
From analysis of Mr. Linden’s expectations and suggestions, it can understood that he would like the organisation to move towards a matrix structure. This allows for easier exchange of information, faster and effective communication (both vertically and horizontally), which can lead to increased productivity and focus on unanimous organisational objectives.
The question I would like to present to the Corporate team and the Regional Director’s at FWD is; what does it take to build a competent and independent global workforce?
Effective communication
Quick dispute resolution
Knowledge of local and international trends
Mr. Johannes Linden has been the Director of FWD since 2004, before which he was COO of Fluss’s European division. Being the son a Swiss journalist, as a child Mr. Linden travelled the world from an early age.
Mr. Linden has hands on approach to management and control through the use of legitimate power, which keeps him travelling from one region to another meeting with the Regional Directors and Country Managers to engage in discussion with them in order to gain an insight on their ideas of business development.
The concept of having a high level of involvement in all organisational and regional matters allows Mr. Linden to be in control and on top of the task