John Belmore: A Short Story

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The net made a splashing sound as the ball went through the basket. The announcer screamed in the microphone, “John Belmore with the three for Golden State.” They got back on defense and waited for the ball to come up court. The point guard drove the ball inside for a layup where one of John Belmores teammates, who they call the Hulk on the court, blocked the layup out of bounds. They passed the ball inbounds where they missed the next shot. Golden state grabbed the rebound and ran up the court where John passed it up court to his other teammate named Brad Burry who could dunk hard. He drove and dunked on their center and the buzzer sounded and that was the end of the game, Golden state with the win. That was the end of the 2025 Christmas Day game and 5hey all head …show more content…
“That game was to easy, I sent the ball flying across the court.” said Hulk. “Don't get your hopes up they may come back and beat us next season. That's why we will go work and get better than them so we can keep winning.” said John, who knew it was a very easy game. “We will head to the gym tomorrow and get our work in then we can prepare for the next game.”

Two days later the game is a game against the same team. It's third quarter and it's the Lakers ball, Deangelo Russell drives the ball, crosses over and dunks on our center who attempted to block him. A foul was called and the Warriors called a timeout. “What the heck was that, you could have easily blocked him.” said coach who was very angry. Hulk with a very confused look on his face said, “It was like he had moon shoes on he jumped over me and