John Brave New World Comparison Essay

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The book I read was Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. This book is about a new civilization where technology is the key to life. People are born in chemicals. These chemical set which social class you’ll be in. Some people are made dumb so that they can do boring tasks without questioning management. Other people are born the be smart and good looking. People in this civilization are tought to be sexualy open to everyone. Traditional values such as monogamy and having a family are censored. The protagonist of this story is John. He grew up outside of the this new civilization in a savage reservation. In the reservation people are born through natural means and are thought to have a family. John is brought into the new civilization were his morals are tested. His morals of monogamy are broken which lead to his demise. John, the protagonist of Brave New World and I are alike in many ways. We both share the same views. Therefore, I believe given the chance, we could be friends. John is part savage and part civilized. Due to John being raised in a savage reservation people marveled at him. He became …show more content…
We both share the same views. Therefore, I believe given the chance, we could be friends. John and I a very similarly, but we are also a little different. The worldviews John as an average, but his very popular. On the other hand, the world views me as a loner and sometimes annoying. Although the world views us differently we both have a similar view of the world. John dislikes civilization and he thinks it's morally wrong. I believe the world is full of evil, but their is hope for humanity. John and I were taught the same values, but we handle our problems differently. After John committed a morally wrong act he kill himself. If I was in his shoes I would have found ways to deal with the pain rather than committing suicide. Although we have are differences I think John and I could be good