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A.P World History Essay
Topic: Analyze the economic and demographic changes and continuities in the Americas in the period 1450-1750.

From 1450-1750, the population of the Americas increased due to the fact that Europe had colonized the Americas, also the Mita system changed to the Encomienda system, however trade and agriculture were prevalent throughout the period. The native population of America decreased greatly due to the fact that they had no immunization to the Europeans in the period of 1450-1750. In the beginning of the time period, there were two major civilizations of America, the Aztecs and the Incas. These two civilizations would soon be colonized by several countries from Europe. This also changed the demographics of America in the way that, there were now multi-raced inhabitants in that area due to the mating of some of the remaining female natives in that area, and the Spanish. This caused for there to be social classes such as Peninsulares, Creoles, and Mestizos. Trade and agriculture both prevailed throughout the time period. In the beginning of the time period, both the Aztecs and the Incas relied on trade and agriculture to uphold their society. This reliance lasted throughout the colonization of america. Soon, the Columbian Trade would be created and would include America in its imports and exports. The Columbian trade brought upon many new items to the Americas, and also to the rest of the world. There was also a large change