John Deere Project Essay

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John Deere and complex parts, Inc. Project

1. Executive summary:

Deere and company is an American company in Moline, Illinois. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of Farm and forestry equipment. For the past 10 years Complex parts, Inc. has been a supplier of John Deere. Deere Company’s evaluation team has identified some signs of weakness in complex parts company such as customer satisfaction, cost and Quality plan implementation. The alterative action would be getting another supplier who has good rating in the market instead of having sole supplier like Complex parts. Inc. The recommendations for Deere Company are to improve AEP and constantly monitor the reports and give the feedback immediately.

2. Issues:

Major issue:

The evaluation team discussed Complex Parts' performance over the past year.
There seem to be issues with Complex Parts that fall short in its deliveries. Over the past quarter, records show that their delivery rating was 155,000. Inability to return important phone calls from Complex Parts' customer service and have been noticed to have fallen behind with customer satisfaction.
Complex parts has implemented the plan earlier and improved significantly. Now that they have fallen behind in implementing the Quality plan in the new facility which is started recently. It is a concern to the evaluation team.

Minor issue: Items supplied by complex parts had not met Deere’s cost targets that effectively reducing the projected profits. Also there has been a problem over the past quarter, getting quotes for new parts.