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Presidency is a complex and often contradictory institution, which is nevertheless vital to the American government system. While certain political laws constrain one president, they liberate another. Whatever is good for one president, results in failure for another. American presidency therefore can be best described as a series of paradoxes, contradictions and clashing expectations. One thing is nevertheless true for current presidential politics: American presidents today are more potent than ever before in the history.

The presidential elections have always dealt with issues, values and principles, which people choose, voting for their candidates. Before stepping into the voting booth, everyone has to make an important and responsible decision, which reflects this person’s hopes, wishes and beliefs. The Presidential Election Campaign 2004 in the United States is an important step for all U.S. citizens, as they are not only facing a choice between two major candidates, who defend the interests of two opposite parties, but will also decide which path their country will take in the next four years. Will the American democracy be rebuilt or ruined forever under the threats and fears of terrorism and gradual shift to “imperial presidency” imposed currently by George W. Bush?

“Strong at home, respected abroad” is the major slogan, under which the Democratic Party operates on current elections. This is very strong appeal to U.S. citizens, who are tired of government’s lies and threats, constant feeling of terror and undermined basic values of individual freedom and democracy.

Traditionally the Democratic Party has