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Should Women be allowed in Combat Arms Careers in the Military? Women have move along in the society. It’s worthwhile to reflect on the social and political advancements of women during the past hundred of years. Women now have the right to vote and to own property. Women let their voice be heard and women are more advances than most men. There are many things that women are capable of doing. Women should be allowed in military combat; women are just as capable as men, gender is arbitrary, and equally important in the society. Women are not as capable as a man to protect the country or their dearly close one, ideals, freedoms, and liberties. Men is genetically bigger and more muscular simply in biology have proving to genetic code, but that has nothing to do with brains. Women and men can be equally as intelligent and determined when it comes to fighting for what is established. Women are just as gifted holding a gun and firing a gun. A woman is just as capable of being athletic. Women can run, swim, chase, and climb, their ability not limited. However, women have the mind set when come to expertise skill. Women have the physical structure ability to overcome the circumstances that allowed in the close combat military. They should have the same freedoms to proudly serve their country. Alongside males, battlefield technical expertise and judgment making skill or a leader are more important assets for modern warfare. With being allowed to serve in a combat situation, the military says they will not lower their standards. Usually combat duty is a precursor needed for advancement in armed force. There are no need to deny females from combat experience. Will assure that few will advancement. Accepting a candidate by its performances. Don’t judge by the gender; however, women and men are equally important.
Women and men are equally important; therefore, things that men allow to do women should be allowed as well. Men are not cooking or stay around in the kitchen back then. Now a lot of men are lending a helping hand in the family by cooking and washing dishes. If there is