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Tia Underworld
5 February 2014
The Top Ten Facts about John Green
1. John Green and his brother Hank along with a few others created a non-profit organization call The Foundation to Decrease World Suck. It is a fund raising organization to help other famous non-profit charities such as Save the Children and To Write Love on Her Arms. Small moments like when people comment on any one of John and Hanks vlogs sends small amounts of money to their organization. It is completely non-profitable which means they do not use other people’s money for their own business, rather they use it to help the less fortunate. (“Foundation”)
2. John Green and his brother Hank created an annual project called Project for Awesome back in December of 2012. The first time they did this their goal was to reach $100,000 and they highly exceeded it and raised $483,446 and then proceeded to get almost $400,000 more than that the following year. Money is raised by selling signed books, photos, and art of John Green’s each year. Even something as simple as watching his videos or ordering one of his books may donate to this project. (Rudge and Kavett)
3. John Green and his brother Hank decided back in 2007 that for a full year they would not use anything with text. Meaning they would not email, blog, text, etc. Instead they stuck with sending one another video blogs on every other days (Rudge and Kavett). This ended up making them rather famous, calling this their Brotherhood 2.0 and today they are both a part of a YouTube channel known as VlogBrothers (“John Green”).
4. When John Green was in his college years he spent time as a student in a children’s hospital. Throughout this time he had planned to become an Episcopal priest, other known as where priests start their line to priesthood, but spending time with sick children pointed him in a different direction. He began to be interested in writing stories. (Lastufka)
5. John Green’s third book, Paper Towns, was also one of his most prized. It was number five on New York Times bestsellers list for children’s books and it won the Edgar Award in 2009 for Best Young Adult Novel. But not only that, this book was optioned to become a movie by Mandate Pictures and Mr. Mudd co. In addition, John Green himself was supposed to write the screenplay. (Lastufka)
6. John Green is quiet well known for his vlogging YouTube channel called vlogbrothers. What is not known that even he, famous as he is today, was bullied as a kid. He takes to his vlogging to explain to everyone that they are not alone, that everyone gets bullied and that the best to do is to ignore them and do you. This video quickly went viral and showed later was a support video for