John Howard Griffon's Black Like Me

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Curious Journalist

In the story Black Like Me, written by John Howard Griffon, is a journal written by a white man. During this time period the South was extremely segregated, and Griffon was a journalist who, wanted to observe, what it was like as a Negro in the South. He wrote about his experiences, and Black Like Me is his journal. Throughout his journey he started out being curious, then being completely hopeless, then finally being completely over joyed and ecstatic. In order to perform this experiment he had his skin color chemically altered so he could look like a Negro. Griffon started his journey in New Orleans, Louisiana, to meet with the doctor who changed his skin color by utilizing drugs, U.V. radiation, and stain. “If a white man became a Negro in the Deep South, what adjustments would he have to make.”(Pg. 7) Griffon had pondered this, because in the paper he printed he wrote about white and blacks alike. Throughout Griffons’ travels, he had experienced many hardships. One reoccurring hardship was he had to face was in order to find a “black men’s restroom” he would have to cross town and the same goes if he ever got dehydrated. He also revived
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So in conclusion John Howard Griffon wanted to see what the life as a black man was like so he made the choice. He wrote and published the truth about how the whites were treating the blacks. Throughout the story, Griffon started out to be curious about a blackmans’ life, to being so completely and utterly hopeless, then finally overflowing with joy and hope. After what he experienced on his journey Griffon walked away with a different point of view of the way people who were treated poorly and the way they felt. So when was the last time you walked in someone else’s