John's Relationship To Love

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There was a boy named John who had a girlfriend named Jane. They’ve been with each other for a long a time. He didn’t know what was the struggle with their relationship, but he remember that they didn’t start with conflicts in the beginning.
John met Jane by the help of his friend, Adrian, who was a friend of Jane, John asked to his friend Adrian, that if he could introduce him to Jane because Jane was finding a choreographer. Adrian agreed and luckily, Jane accepted John to be her choreographer. At first, John was shy because he’s in loved with Jane. John always make the time longer on practicing Jane on the dance practice, so that he could stay more longer with Jane. Luckily, Jane won the dance competition and became first place. She thanked John so much and she dated John.
Time comes and John made a decision to court Jane to be her girlfriend. Finally, Jane agreed to be John’s girlfriend. John was the happiest person in the world. They dated together and went on a romantic places. They had their first kiss, first picture, their relationship became good until their relationship went for a 1 year anniversary. Time is so fast, that John’s dream girl became his life, world and his universe and the next thing that he knew was they’ve been together for 1 year. Jane’s gift to John on their anniversary was a ring and they made a deal that they will not remove the ring or else they’re finish.
Days, month and year came to them and they both became comfortable to each other. And being on a comfortable situation was the time that they really knew each other. John and Jane went to the store to buy a food, so John asked Jane that if she wants some food to eat and Jane didn’t want. After buying a food, they went to Jane’s house while John was eating his food and watching, Jane wants the food too and John became frustrated because of Jane’s changing decisions. John wasn’t selfish at all, he just want to teach a lesson to Jane on making decisions.