John Lennon Quote Essay

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Word Count: 250+ According to John Lennon, “ Life is what happens while you are making other plans”. Little do you all know this is true because what goes on while you are sitting there minding your own business? Life does not stop when you stop, life moves on and never stays the same. There may be some people out there who really do think that the world revolves around them, but little do they know its all just a lie. And honestly you never know what you miss because every second that you close the door, a million more open for you to explore. Quite frankly life will never again be the same as we know it because every mille-second, something changes whether it be a person whom you think you have known all your life or a person that you might meet in your mere future. The changes will add up quickly, and no matter how hard you try nothing can ever stay the same. You never know something so dramatic may change in an instant or it could take some time. For instance transferring high schools last November was a big leap for me, I can not tell you enough how hard it was to get used to not being around the people I grew up with. Although, now I have friends here that I can count on to have my back yet I wills always have friends from my previous school that will always be there too. I never knew how difficult things were until I was the one making the big sacrifice and leaving all I had ever known behind me. I never would have thought about moving or not graduating with all