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The total amount of people that will be attending is 1000 which will be ideal for the amount of space available. I have predicted that 300 adult’s and 700 children will come. This is because I think that parents would bring a few of their children, so there will be more kids and it has many activities that they can take part in.
I charged the adult ticket price £3 and the child ticket price £5. This is because there will be more children, therefore a bigger profit. I put the amount of adult and children that will be attending and the ticket price in separate columns and then used another column to calculate the income and total income. At the bottom I used a cell to calculate the total income of the event by using a formulae.

The income comes from the food, drink, attractions and activities. I have got a huge range of food and drinks that I can offer to the people who will be coming, this is so that they can feel free to buy whatever they would like and they have a large variety to choose from. I have a column for the predicted number of food/drink/attractions/activities sold, a column for the price and a separate column for the amount of income I will be making. Most of my activities are for children, however I do have some for adults such as buckaroo and darts.

The costs section is for all the things I need to buy in order to create the fund raising event, I used three different tables for the equipment, freebies and the…