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Section 1, Basics:
This document is a political outline written by John Locke describing his political theories. Locke, a politician during the Enlightenment period, wrote this for his government, future governments and for the citizens to try and teach them on his theories of creating the perfect government.

Section 2, Thesis/Argument:
Locke wrote this with the purpose of education future governments and Politian’s on his theories of the perfect government. Locke’s ideas and theories are based on the social contract theory. Locke believed that human nature is characterized by reason and tolerance and that men are allowed to be selfish. He also believed that in a natural state all people are created equal, independent and that everyone has the natural right to defend their life, liberty, health and possessions. He also advocated for a few major things: Individual liberties, religious tolerance, the separation of powers with in a government and that the government and its citizen should enter into a social contract.

Section 3, Context:
This was a bold move by Locke. He wrote this at a time where there were still monarchies and any word taken the wrong way could be considered treason, so to challenge the throne and the Kings power was brave. People wanted change, they wanted rights and Locke provided that voice for them. Also, advocating for religious tolerance was a big deal for this time. Saying one can practice their own religion and let your neighbor practice theirs was unheard of. Before this you prcticed the religion of the king and if you didn’t like it you were killed.

Section 4, Bias:
Yes, this is biased, the document is his ideas and his theories. Though it is biased, his bias is in favor of the vast majority of the population and he wants what everyone else wants, the natural state.