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John Locke
John Locke was the most influential philosopher in advancing society; creating liberty and equality. One of his most significant accomplishments was his letters on toleration. The letters outlined two of his main arguments.
The first is that the church cannot persecute anyone and natural rights stay the way they are. His second law was that the church cannot be sure that what they believe is the complete truth. This was a great way of separating the religious and government organizations. Locke believed there was no limit to the understanding humans could have, and he wanted to push on to keep moving forward. His well known essay Concerning Human
Understanding is a extremely developed and detailed theory of knowledge.
This essay outlines key factors and criticizes the opinion that humans are born with certain ideas, and argues that humans rather develop the ideas through life experiences. According to Locke everything in our mind is an idea, and they come from either our senses, or the minds reflection of its own perception. The studies and theories that Locke has discovered have uncovered the understanding of knowledge, but also greatly impacted the political philosophy. Many of the ideas and rights that were discovered have been put into the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. One of
Locke’s most influential ideas was the formation of the government. He also believed that the government must protect life, liberty and, property, then again he believed