John Mcwhorter's Why Save A Language?

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In the article entitled “Why Save a Language?”, John McWhorter (2014) explains the reason people should protect languages and compares unique aspects of languages other than English. To answer the question that people should be concerned about languages, McWhorter (2014) believes that since every language has its own grammar, people who speak a different language have a special way to think and describe the world. In addition, although there are tiny impacts a language can make on its users, it affects and has a sophistic relationship to people’s behaviors, thoughts and even worldviews. In addition, the author also reveals that there are also things besides worldviews that make a language worth being saved. That is, one language is a useful tool for any culture, and how a language describes daily life and the natural world expands people’s general knowledge. Besides, using a certain language in special situation will produce a powerful connection. At last, McWhorter (2014) claims that cultures make people complete, and languages demonstrate people’s specific life and cognition.
Since McWhorter (2014)
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I would like to add that other languages can also bring the creatures we have never seen before into our sight. There are still many things in the world for us to discover, to explore. Sometimes, the world conceals its treasures somewhere far away from our developed countries. In that case, an indigenous language can help us out. “Languages are created during people’s adaption to environment” (Bjielijac-Babic, 2000) It means that the special animals and plants have their names in the indigenous languages of that place rather than a more widely-used language. With the help of those indigenous language speakers, people will find not only amazing stories, tales or worldviews of that language, but also a lot of diversity of species in the