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Mejia, John
I-Search Project 1. My Question The question I chose to guide my research is “How to become a successful baseball player?. The topic in my question is interesting to me because I love the game of baseball and I want to be a successful ball player. Playing professional baseball is definitely at the top of my career list. I believe that dedication is one of many answers to my question. If anyone wants to succeed in something they love then dedication is a principle in that. I believe that I am going to find out several main factors that will be needed into becoming a successful baseball player.
2. My Search Process I started my search process by going to my old friends house and asking him if I could talk to his dad. His dad is in love with the game of baseball. He use to play college baseball and actually made it into the Los Angeles Dodgers Double A team, which is a minor league baseball for adults. He got cut from the team but it takes a lot of skills to even get to the minor leagues. His dad told me that he was going out of town and that he won’t be back until next Friday. That was the only person I knew with success in professional baseball. I then went to my baseball coach and he told me the key to success is hard work and to not be worried about failing because failure is a step to success. I took his advice but I also decided to go to the public library to see if there were books that will answer my question coming from professional baseball players but all I saw were biographies about them. I thought I could find some books about success but not about baseball just books about reaching success. There were a lot of books about success but they were mainly focused on success in business industries. I just decided to use the internet and I went to Google and put “How to become a successful baseball player?”. Many things came out but most focused on different things like becoming a better hitter, becoming a better baseball player, becoming a better pitcher, becoming a better infielder/outfielder so I just going to different pages and I came to a website called “Get Busy Living”, and the article was called “How bad do you want it”. It was related to different sports including