Essay on John Moody Case Study

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John Moody

What should be done to turn around the Organization?

Charlotte Wilson

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This paper explores a case study in which an organization went into a recession and had to reorganize everything. I will be explaining how recession works and what happens in a recession. I will also talk about planning and organization of a business. We will also explore what people have to do when in a recession.

John Moody
What Should be Done to Turn Around the Organization

Often time's people in this country today, take for-granted the comfort they have established over the past several years. A booming economy and a bull market has set the standard for today's society, giving us an optimistic outlook for
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The need for planning is elevated as a result of the increased size and complexity of running the operation (Downs, 1967). More emphasis is placed upon establishing rules and procedures and maintaining stability of the organizational structure (Katz et al., 1978). At this point, it is imperative for the founder to be able to delegate responsibilities in order for the company to survive (Thain, 1969). In this stage, the organization is distinguished by a more formalized structure (Katz et al., 1978), focus on task performance (Torbert, 1974), functional specialization and departmentalization (Scott, 1971).
As the organization matures, the rules and procedures created have led to a rigid structure which inhibits the organization's adaptability to changes in the market environment (Lippitt et al., 1967). Kimberly (1980) pointed out that the process of institutionalization, whereby norms, values and structures become incorporated within the framework of existing patterns of norms, values and structures, enhances stability in the early stage of the organizational development process. However, this very same process of formalization reduces innovativeness and flexibility, and the ability to adapt to turbulent environments in the future. This subsequently leads to downfall (Peters et al., 1982). Some possible strategies for improving flexibility are: using matrix structures, real time information systems (Greiner, 1972), developing multiple product