John Nevison and Swift Nick Essay

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Legend of Swift Nick

John Nevison or Swift Nick supposedly nick named by King Charles II after completing a trip from Kent to York to escape a committed robbery earlier was one of Britain’s most widely know highwayman. He was also known as William Nevison and was very rapid in situations of escaping crimes.
One legend that attaches to John is to where a female spirit supposedly gave him a magic bridle which caused his horse to perform his legendary feats of speed and agility.
There are also ghost sightings of Swift Nick in Yorkshire and as far as Nottingham. As to which legends were real or fake, Swift Nick left behind some great history. William Nevison
William Nevison was most likely born in Wortley in 1639 and ran away from his home at around the age of 13 or 14. He left and accustomed to living in London. Little after he was caught he moved fled to Holland and joined the Duke’s of York’s Army, while taking part in the Battle of Dunkirk in 1658.
He decided to return to England to care for his father but like the other soldiers they had little profit and searched for a new job. So William became a highwayman just like the ex-soldiers. He preyed around Newark and the Great North Road.
He was caught multiple times and in 1674 was able to escape jail before charges were put. On and on Nevison was caught with crimes and was put in jail put a few times escaped. Although…