John Proctor The Truth In The Crucible

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Throughout Arthur Miller’s play called The Crucible, lies and falsities spark and burn furiously through the colony of Salem. The lies that spread overall seem to rid the town of the justice that the Puritans say they value so profoundly. Amongst the citizens of the colony, John Proctor stands out as a righteous man when he makes a tragic attempt to shine a light on the truth which makes him a true tragic hero.
In the beginning, multiple girls, including Reverend Parris’ daughter, niece, and slave, were caught dancing in the forest while “casting spells” by Parris himself. Immediately afterward his daughter, Betty, became sick. Word spread like wildfire that Betty’s sickness must have been caused by witchcraft. Eventually this led to the
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Many people of the town who fell under the chaos of girls’ shenanigans aimed to save their lives, and to do so they had to disseminate more accusations and lies. The continuous deceit and unlawful executions taking a hold of Salem brings the people farther and farther from moral justice. As was stated before, John Proctor stands out amongst the people of the town. He would rather the truth stand than to keep his life in the end.
Proctor expresses his righteousness from the very beginning. Proctor has, in the past, had an affair with a much younger girl, Abigail Williams, but he continually reveals throughout the play that he is truly guilty and is aware of his wrong doing. The fact that he is aware his actions were wrong shows he is a man of morals, though he’s made an irreversible mistake. In the quote said by Proctor in Act II, “still an everlasting funeral marches round your heart”(Miller 1294), Proctor conveys how he is still ashamed and wants to finally make it up to his wife,
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Proctor falsely confessed after he speaks with his wife, but he immediately changes his mind when he is told that he must give his signature stating that he confessed. Proctor realized that if he did so, he would basically be signing for his friends who have refused to commit to the lies. He felt he would be selling his friends with his signature and blackening their reputations even more so. He also felt that all he had was his name after he had his shameful affair with Abigail and been accused of evil. Why would he hand over the last thing he has only to contribute to the lies he was originally trying to put an end to? His refusal to sign took away his chance of living but he died righteous.He felt that there was finally an
Proctor is a tragic hero. He stayed to his morals and strong sense of justice. He fought and argued in attempts to open the eyes of those who believed the lies of the girls. Though he died because of his deep belief in justice, he proved himself to be truly righteous. Due to his righteousness bravery, he stands out amongst any other