John Proctor's Reputation In The Crucible

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Unlike Proctor, Hale comes from another town and he wants to build his reputation in Salem. He thinks that he knows everything related to witchcraft and so he comes to solve matters in this town. He is aware of the expectations the townspeople have of him as an expert. Thus, he constantly attempts to build his name in the community. Firstly, he examines Betty and then he can specify his stand in the community. He also tries to find those who guilty of witchcraft and bring them to the court. Initially, Hale is a deeply religious man who is persistent in his persecution of the Devil. That is why he always tries his best to investigate witchcraft and people admire him. Furthermore, when he can inquire the trails, he can accuse the crime to the judgment. It can lead the jury to believe in him and he can also earn his reputation from there. Unluckily, in the court, he realizes that the accusation of witchcraft is not fair in the truth. …show more content…
All of the above evidence demonstrate that inner turmoil is not easy to overcome. To surmount internal struggle, John Proctor has to die to clear his name of lies. He dies for the right of conscience; he dies for justice. Hale also suffers misery from his responsibility because he lives for righteousness; in the end, however, he acts against his soul by convincing the people being the liar. Throughout The Crucible, Miller wants to remind the audience that they should choose what is right to appropriately execute justice. Morals are not always right but people will struggle to think what they are going to do. Whoever can be easily fraud, however, to be a good people is a big challenge needs to overcome. Just be yourself and do anything, which does not feel ashamed of the conscience. According to Gahndi, “If you are right and you know it, speak in your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth”