John Steinbeck's Curley: The Short Boxing Machine

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Curley: The Short Boxing Machine
In the novel, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, he tells a tale of two best friends who only dream of having a ranch of their very own one day “with us it aint like that, we got a future” (Steinbeck 14). They, George Milton and Lennie Smalls, have travelled together for as long as they can remember. George and Lennie are in desperate need of jobs to make money for this dream ranch. All was swell with their new ranch jobs until the conceded, brave, and curious, Curley, made the working that much more difficult. Shortly after arriving to the ranch George and Lennie meet some other workers who seem to be pleased to have more help and new company. They soon learn that not everyone welcomes them. Curley is the boss’s son and thinks he is well respected and can fight anyone because he was a boxer. Curley often uses his dads power to let anyone know that whoever may mess with him will not be continuing on that ranch “won’t ever get canned’ cause his old mans the boss” (27). To make matters worse, Curley married a beautiful brunet with dreams of being in the pictures “seems to me like he’s gotten worse lately…gotten cockier ever since he got married” (27). Unfortunately, when her picture dreams do not come true she settles with
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Although it was determined that Curley truly never paid his wife no attention, he always seemed to think something was up when she couldn’t be found. He was often found asking everyman in the bunkhouse if anyone had possibly seen his wife “any you guys seen my wife” (53). When she still could not be found he often accused and wanted to know “where the hells Slim” (53). Out of all the guys she is often giving Slim most of the eye and more of her attention, but Curley frequently blows the flirtatious behavior off and points the fingers at Slim for messing with his wife that Slims never desired to