The Book Of Habakkuk Come The Question Why?

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Andrew Kumiega
Ch.8 Review Questions 1. King Josiah leads his people into a renewal of the Covenant and a celebration of the
Passover. He has all pagan altars destroyed, executes any pagan priests, and reclaims lost territory in the north of Judah that has been lost for more than a hundred years. 2. Zephaniah said the unfortunate and impoverished will become God’s remnant and a new kind of “chosen” from God will rebuild the new Israel.
3. The Book of Habakkuk introduces the question “Why?”. Why does it seems Good isn’t present when it is said that He is? How prayers don’t seemed to be answered when they said they are and mainly questions God’s power and will.
4. When God called Jeremiah to be a prophet, Jeremiah is reluctant and fearful. He also tried to make excuses like he was too young to be a prophet, but God tells him to not worry for He will always be with Jeremiah.
5. The Judahites convinced themselves that God would never allow anything bad happen to Jerusalem and that it would never be overcome.
6. Jesus suffered and went through pain just like Jeremiah. Jesus was sent to teach
God’s ways but was despised by everyone. He was also plotted against and entrapped by his enemies. He felt abandoned and sometimes questioned why God put him through all of this suffering, similar to Jeremiah.
7. Jeremiah tells the people after the first Exile that they should not resist Babylon. To willingly go into Exile and make the most out of the situation. It will be a time for something new to happen for them and in the end it will turn out for the better.
8. With the new Covenant, God said that the people won’t return to their olds ways and routine. Instead, the Law will be written on their hearts and they will be forgiven for their sins.
9. In 587 BC, Jerusalem goes through its second Exile and is completely destroyed. The walls, buildings, and the Temple is burned and knocked down. The city is in complete ruins. 10. Jews later saw the failures of Jeremiah’s life as seeds of hope and transformation.
That our broken hearts can be filled with God and made anew through sorrow. We can find a new life again after failing and suffering.
11. The Book of Lamentations helped Judah by giving him a way to grieve, recalling its agony, lamenting, and asking for healing.
12. Ezekiel gifts were drama, symbol making, and storytelling in which he used while prophesying. 13.
a) Ezekiel makes a model of Jerusalem on an unbaked clay brick, using sticks and stones around it to signify a siege. He then lies next to it and stares at it for over a year. This symbolized God’s watching of Nebuchadnezzar’s siege of Jerusalem but didn’t do anything about it.

b) Ezekiel cut off his hair and beard and burnt down one third of his model city with it. He then strikes another third of the city with a sword, and threw the other third of the city into the wind. Ezekiel keeps a few pieces of hair in his garment. This signified that Jerusalem would be cut down, people would die of pestilence, be executed, or exiled from Jerusalem. Also that only a few would return to the city.
c) Ezekiel packed all of his belongings and leaves his house. He acts out an elaborate escape from the city. Then he stood in front of the people and trembled while eating and drinking. This signified King Zedekiah escaping the city while in disguise, but then getting captured, blinded, taken to Babylon, and dieing