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How was John D Rockefeller's business viewed by the American people?

Section A: Plan of Investigation
In this plan of investigation to examine how was John D Rockefeller's business viewed by the American people. This investigation will focus on the business deals Rockefeller made that affect many people. Also this investigation will examine the economic pressure that Rockefeller had to deal with in order to make his business deals. The view of John D Rockefeller is split; some thought of Rockefeller as a robber baron and other thought he was a captain of industry. Both a primary and secondary sources will be used in this investigation to show evidence of Rockefeller's business and how it was viewed. The first sources that will be evaluates is Jerry W. Markham A Financial History of the Untied States. The second source that will be evaluates is Ellen Greenman Coffey John D Rockefeller Richest Man Ever. These sources will be evaluates according to their origin, purpose, value, and limitations.
Section B: Summary of Evidence
John D Rockefeller
“John Davison Rockefeller according to his own reminiscences started his business career at the age of seven. He discovers a wild turkeys nest in woods near his home in upstate New York.” (Coffey: 2001, 1)
“The Standard's monopoly reaches its peak in 1880.” (Coffey: 2001, 75)
“When John D took on the big oil refiners, it was viewed as a contest of equals. To the general public it made no great difference who won. But when a rich and powerful man like John D. Rockefeller was seen to take in a small, independent businessman struggling to make a living for himself and his family, the public went wild with rage.” (Coffey: 2001, 76)
“Rockefeller was able to undersell his competition by obtaining rebates from the railroads for his large oil shipments. The size of Rockefeller's shipments even game him sufficient bargaining power to claim “drawbacks,” which were actually rebates drawn from the