John F Kennedy Essay

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John F Kennedy’s opinion
I, John F Kennedy feel as Vice President of the United States of America that the U.S. congress should not give President Lyndon Johnson the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. By giving him this unlimited power it will affect nearly every citizen in America. This resolution will cause citizens to worry about giving the president to much power, this resolution would give him the power to base all decisions off of his one opinion, and also if he does have this power he could easily abuse it. The United States has gone to the brink of war many times before, and I personally believe that the government has other plans that they can follow through on to fix this. By giving him these powers we will be allowing the president to decide whenever, that we can go to war. He alone should not be able to choose the fate of our country. He should listen to the options he has and listen to the representatives of the people of America, and hear their voices. He is our soul representative of America. One false move and the problem affects’ ALL of America, putting us in an unstable position. Also, giving him this power would put American citizens in a bad state of mind. Most if not all people would feel like they no longer have a voice and that they don’t matter. I feel that it is a general fact that the people will riot and stage protest. This is probably going to make Johnsons popularity go down. As all of this is happening it’s going to put A LOT of pressure on the president (this I know from a past experience). This can cause him to make reckless choices. I don’t want American people to feel unsafe, and as if they lost their freedom of speech.
Finally, he could easily abuse the power given to him. I am not accusing or implying that he would do this, but there is a possibility that he could. He could