John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Essay

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Annotated Bibliography

Thesis statement
The United States would currently be a country of inequality and injustice without the impact and dedication put forth by Martin Luther King Jr. in fighting for civil rights and social justice for the country’s diverse citizens.

“Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream Speech – August 28, 1963” 1963. YouTube video, 17:28, posted by “sullentoys”. January 20, 2011.
This primary source is the actual “I Have a Dream” speech given by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963. This source will give a firsthand look at what type of person Martin Luther King Jr. was. It will be easier to understand King’s beliefs and values as they will shine through his speech. He thoroughly explains what he is fighting for and catches the eyes of people all over the world through this message. This video will prove that King was a very symbolic figure to Americans and people worldwide.
Cohen, Mira. “The Meaning of Memory: Establishing the Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday.” / Social Education 73, no.7 (2009): 332-338
The author of “The Meaning of Memory: Establishing the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday” focuses on the reasoning behind why Martin Luther King Jr. was given his own holiday and the meaning behind the holiday itself. It will explain the significance of remembering King and all the efforts he has made for people across the world. It will also help argue that King helped and will continue to help youth fight against inequality in a non-violent and peaceful manner.
Chernus, Ira. "President Eisenhower and Dr. King on Peace and Human Nature." Peace & Change 33, no. 1. (2008): 114-140. DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0130.2007.00478.x
The following article explains the importance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s role in fighting for equality and social justice against the contrasting views of then President Dwight Eisenhower. Both King and Eisenhower had conflicting views, and this article will help better understand what American society was like while Eisenhower was in power, and how King made a very prominent change in society. This article will also help identify the type of beliefs, goals, and values