Johnathan Observation

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Johnathan was referred for an reevaluation pursuant to the guidelines set forth in the Alabama Administrative Code.

Johnathan appeared generally healthy and well-groomed for his age. His hearing was appropriate. His vision appeared in the normal range. However, he required much prompting and motivation to complete the test. This is partially due to his limited intellectual and verbal abilities. This is the reason a non-verbal tool was administered as a second option to a tool with loaded verbal directions and responses. Johnathan was tested in a conference room at Demopolis Middle School. The room was well-lit and free from distractions. Rapport was not easily established. Johnathan ran around the room many times, and had to be cued to return to his seat. He complied with the request of the examiner and his teacher when offered reinforcements. Given Johnathan’s effort and special needs, I consider that this assessment is a true indication of his cognitive ability.
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His performance on the Primary Scales of the UNIT indicate that the memory abilities appear commensurate with the reasoning skills. When considering his performance on the Secondary scales of the UNIT, the ability to use symbolic cues to process information (e.g., verbal mediation) appears consistent with the ability to solve problems using nonsymbolic cues and mediation.
The results of this assessment should be used in conjunction with additional data in order to best meet the needs of