Johnny Lawless: A Short Story

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The door closed with a thud. MIDN 4/C Johnny Lawless knew that this was the crucial moment: he had never made such a difficult decision before. As he pondered, a line from Emily Dickenson that he had read in English class flitted through his head. He hadn’t paid much attention to it back in February, but at this moment it seemed critically important. Johnny Lawless was just another angsty 4/C Midshipman, having gone a long, long time without having contact with any moderately attractive female in person. He met her in 3rd period Calculus II, her name was Ava. She was far and away the smartest girl in the class, and obviously the prettiest, as Johnny Lawless only settled for the best. She seemed to be the perfect girl, so being the lady’s man that Johnny Lawless was, he with much suave, asked for her number. Ava, captivated by Johnny, gave him her number and they began to text on a daily basis. Ava had a very dark history, a history that no one at USNA knew at the …show more content…
A dream about his future life, a dream with Nikita in it. The dream took place in a big blue house. There were children running around, and Nikita was right there next to him, standing by his side. They were older, Johnny had retired from the military and began his career as a real estate mogul. It was the life Johnny had always dreamed of growing up, the classic all-American life. He sat up in his rack. Johnny felt that the dream had meant something, that if he just kept his mouth shut that everything would turn out just fine. That was his plan. Later that night he sat down with Nikita and reassured her that nothing would be said, and the she meant everything to him. He told her how much she meant to him and that he wanted a life with her after the military, Nikita readily agreed, as she truly did love Johnny Lawless, but she also told him that she had her duties that she must carry out, and that love wasn’t going to stop her. Johnny agreed to keep