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Inspiration in my life/who i look up to
My grandpa Johnny Sawyers
Ethan Seal
My story goes back to my childhood where all I can remember for the most part is being outside or doing something to get me in trouble. My bestfriend would always come over to see me and play. I’ve been friends with this guy for a while and were still best friends to this day. He is a little bit older than me but i don’t really care about that. We have a strong bond that would take a lot to break. My bestfriend is my grandpa Johnny Sawyers. He’s always had my back and
I will always have his to the end. My grandpa is a very hard working and proud farmer. He’s a great husband to my grandma and a great father to my mom. He would always think of something to make you smile about. I can’t ever think of a dull moment that I had with him. I remember one time a few years ago when he had to go to the hospital and before I go any farther let me say that my grandpa hates hospitals with a passion. But like I was saying, I had went to go visit him and we were sitting in the room talking and watching westerns on the tv like we usually do when i go to see him at his house. Then, the nurse came in and said “Johnny! Is there anything I can do or bring you to make you more comfortable?” And he replied with “yeah you can bring me my clothes so i can get the heck out of here”. My grandpa has showed me many things growing up and those things include my manners, how to hunt, how to prime tobacco and let me tell you if they ever say that you don’t have to help prime then you don’t ask any questions and you leave as fast as you can, the last most important lesson he taught me growing up was how to be a man. My papa is a very well respected person where he lives, and he is friends with everyone. He has people over all the time bringing food to his house just so they can

sit down and talk to him about anything and he’s not gonna care unless you make sure to bring something to eat. He gave all of the grandchildren a nickname when we were born and mine was buddy buddy. Everytime I see him he say’s “Ethan youre my buddy buddy ain’t yah?” And I reply with yes I am papa. I love going over to my grandparents house at night because they always play card games and my