Johnny's Short Story: Reservations

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“What do you mean?” Chris asked, confused.
“Well, up until Johnny was around ten years old, he still was living on a reservation. During that time, some reservations had areas where the people had no electricity in the home, no running water in the home, small houses that were in very poor conditions and little to eat. I am not sure what Johnny experienced being raised on a reservation, but it might be that he experienced some of these things or all of these things. Not to mention, during the time he was younger, many people probably didn’t accept him because he was only half Indian, so he may have to deal with the issues that came up from that.”
“Are you saying people may have been mean to him just because he wasn’t all Indian?” Chris angrily asked. Seeing the doctor nod, he simply said, “That’s so stupid.”
“I agree, but you see, Johnny will probably dealing with more than the
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I think it’s not too long after Chris goes. Right?” she turned and looked at Chris for confirmation. When she got it, she went on. “I also get to be on what I call a swim team, where we get to learn about swimming, swim meets in case we want to get involved with a real team later on and stuff like that. That isn’t until later this summer though after camp. I have Drama Arts Camp first. We design sets, costume, memorize plays, basically anything that goes along with a play more or less. I’m more into the set designing area.”
Taking a breath, she stopped her leg from bouncing up and down before going on, “I also play volleyball during the beginning of the school year. Sometimes, I’ll try out for a part in a play during the spring too. But only if it’s a good play. Plus, then there are Girl Scouts meetings on weekends during the school year and random times in the summer. I know mom has some day camps set up for me, like the swimming team and drama camp, so that’ll be fun.”
“Sounds like you’re going to be busy,” the doctor