Essay on Join the Uprising: Amazing Video Game Advertising

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Christopher Jones
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Join the Uprising Want to fight monsters for the greater good and fend off evil? Then you should check out this video game ad called Kid Icarus Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. It has a black background with a big door in the middle of the darkness, opening to a heaven kind of place that is all light and shining with clouds and a big light shining on the top. In the middle of the door, Kid Icarus flying through the door with his bow held high, ascending toward the big shining light. On the top of the ad, it says the tittle and that it will be available 3/23. Under that it has big white text that asks you,” WHO WILL BRING THE LIGHT?” and right under that it asks you more questions like, “THE MONSTERS ARE COMING. WILL YOU JOIN THE UPRISING? OR WILL YOU FALL INTO DARKNESS?”. Then under that sentence it says, “SHOW YOUR STRENGTH AS YOU PLAY AS PIT TO BATTLE MEDUSA AND HER MONSTERS.” Finally on the bottom of the ad it shows screenshots from the game and above that it is telling you, “GET THE KID ICARUS: UPRISING GAME. SCAN THIS CARD AND WATCH IT COME ALIVE.”, then under that one says, “COLLECT AND BATTLE WITH HUNDREDS OF AIR IDOL CARDS. FOR DETAILS VISIT KIDICARUS.NINTENTO.COM.” This Video game ad is from the Game Informer Magazine introduced in early 2012. Years after the Nintendo 3DS system came out, people were looking for great games to play on it, Kid Icarus being one of the popular ones when it released. It was an ad targeted to players in the Nintendo Franchise, which could be for children to adults who still played these kinds of games, like myself. They are trying to convince people to join the uprising, buy the game and defeat the evil Medusa and her monstrous army. It was a successful ad because tons of people have bought this game including myself, because it is one of the top games from Nintendo. Kid Icarus was an old Nintendo game that was popular in the 1980’s and till this day is still a popular hit for everyone. The game itself by name is credible because of past Kid Icarus games making this game a big hit and a top seller for Nintendo. Besides the name it also has credibility from the character and gameplay style of this game. Kid Icarus is a famous Nintendo character, not as big as Mario, but still pretty big as he was on the old Nintendo systems and also he was part of the game Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii. This game has great graphics, also since it is on the Nintendo 3DS consumers can play this game in 3D without using any 3D glasses. The…