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Joining band has influenced me in a positive way by giving me something to do with my free time with people who care as much about one thing as much as I do. When I started band way back in 6th grade I had not very many friends because I had only been living in Wakulla for one year. But now in 12th grade I have 93 friends and could not be happier. But making friends is not the only thing band gives you. Band gives you life skills such as hard work and commitment. without band I don’t know where I would be right now. When I started band in 6th grade I had one maybe two friends. But after a year in band I meet many friends who shared the same passion for music as I and that’s where I met Devin and Rami and Chris who are just about the nicest people you will ever meet. Then in 7th grade I meet Logan and her and I became close friends. And then in 9th grade Rami dropped out of band and Devin, Chris, and Logan and I continued on and our band bond became stronger because we all spent numerous hours together. Then in 10th grade Rami re-joined band and ever since then we have been great friends. And not only have those been my only friends in band but every year you make new friends with the freshmen and your band family grows larger and stronger. Band not only gives you many friends but it also teaches you life skills because Mr. Watson demands respect, commitment and hard work from every individual in band. He expects you to be on time to everything. Which when you get a job, unless your self employed its necessary to be on time. Band is also the biggest commitment I have ever made because with marching band if one person is missing it throws off the entire group. And I am proud to say I have never missed a marching rehearsal in 4 years. Many people can’t say they are in a group where one person can impact the whole group. and respect is another thing Mr. Watson