Joining in Counselling Essay

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Counselling, in the profession, refers to the creation of relationships that are helpful and positive between a counselor and a client. Counselling is intended to aid in adjustment and growth. Usually a client come to counsellors when they do not how to change so that they can lead a better and satisfying life. There are many skills and concepts that makes a great counsellor but in this essay, I will go back to the most fundamental basic skill which is "joining".

As with all counselling sessions, "joining" with the client is very essential to build the rapport with our client so that we are able to work together to identify and achieve the contracted goals. Having a good rapport with client is one of the active
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"Attending is nonverbal communication that indicates that you are paying careful attention to the person who is talking. Attending skills include a posture of involvement, appropriate body motion, eye contact, and a nondistracting environment." (Bolton, 1987, p.33)

As the counsellor listen intently, they might lapse into nonparticipation. As the client is speaking, we should use minimal responses to let client know that full attention in on them and what they have to say. Minimal responsers are are simple responses that encourage the clien to continue with his story yet keep counsellor active in the process. Minimal responses are useful in listening as the few words can let the client know that you are listening without interrupting the flow of story or breaking the mood. Minimal responsers can sprinkled throughout the session, but may be used more frequently in the early stages of interaction to help the session gain momentum. Words like 'Mm, 'Mm-hmmmm', 'Ah-ha', and 'I see' are minimal responsers. Other non-verbal responses are like nod of the head. "Counselling involves the art of listening constructively, so appropriate use of minimal responses and brief invitations to continue is essesntial." (Geldard and Geldard, 2005, p.39)

Other "joining" skill would include being a flexible mirror. Basically the counsellor can mirror the client's