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The Top 5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015 The year 2015 has brought many new trends to Marketing.

Companies are stepping out of their boxes to compete for the top position in an economy that is still very injured. Many companies have realized that the best way to thrive is to tap into the many online innovations consumers are attached, addicted, and dedicated to. Simply advertising on the radio and in the newspaper is a thing of the past. More marketing dollars are being spent on digital marketing because; through social media customers are provided ways to give insight about brands and their reputations. Social sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and
LinkedIn help companies understand what consumers want now, what they do not like, and what they hope to see in the future. Companies know that when consumers are satisfied with a product they do not mind sharing their buying experience with others. Consumers are always drawn to deals and ways to save money, so companies can benefit from geotargeting, which targets consumers in their area, by using local discount sites like Groupon. These sites give consumers the opportunity to purchase coupons for neighborhood stores and restaurants at discounted prices as well as providing a description or review about the business. To keep up with consumers who are always on the go, mobile marketing is becoming popular. Through text messages consumers can receive daily deals from their favorite stores and do not have to worry about printing a coupon. Also, downloadable apps are available on an android or iPhone to scan reward cards so consumers can always have them at hand when needed. Spreading a brand throughout the social web maximizes opportunity for businesses to stay in touch with their customers, to give online shopping discounts, and to promote events and contests. Being able meet the consumer’s needs and allowing them to voice their opinions not only keep loyal customer loyal, but also increases the ability to welcome a Search Engine optimization is most important thing when marketer wants to draw people to their site. In the past many developers both front­end and back­end would prefer creating a new site then optimizing another one. It was mostly due to the fact that it required use of keyword which lucky developers would get from their marketing or promotion team, but in most cases they had to come up with a list by himself. That would slow down the process and annoying many developers. Luckily google removed keywords which made it easy for developers. One of the most important aspects of web development is responsive design.
design is when a web site has two differents views, when on a computer or on a phone.

Whenever a web developer is visiting a web site, one of the first thing they do is resize browser window in order to see how it looks in different views. Mobile friendliness was not that big of an issue in previous years as it did not affect search ranking. When 2015 came along, on February
24 Google announced that they will change their search engine to check for responsiveness and gave website owners 3 to 4 months to change their site if they want to stay in high ranking of
Google. It finally became official on April 25 and many website owners were not satisfied with it.
Now a days Google is the one who makes trends and sets goals for others. It is expected that mobile friendliness is going to be big trend in the rest on 2015 because of Google, but it is not the only reason. As many people know, mobile browsing is getting more and more popular. As of January 2014 almost 90% of American Adults own a cell phone. Many people now a days use their cell phones to buy, research or do anything they wish to do. With this in mind we can see that even without Google’s change to their search engine every website that wants to keep customers happy and interested should make the site