Joker Character analysis Essay

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Some men just want to watch the world burn. Psychopathic, manipulative and absurd is the only way to describe the Joker.

With his messy green hair and bright purple suit, the Joker is a little more than uncoordinated. If the attire wasn’t enough, the flower on his lapel at any given time can shoot acid, toxic laughing gas, water, or nothing at all. The randomness that is contained within this character is utterly absurd. With that insidious smile that constantly plasters his face, he has gleefully burned millions of dollars just to send a message. A civilized conversation turns into chaos he simply states “How about a magic trick? I’ll make this pencil disappear.” As he slams a thugs face into the upright pencil. Indeed he made the pencil vanish, right into the thug’s skull. Without a doubt the Joke is a psychopath. Anyone who murders countless people while laughing hysterically about it cannot be sane. He purposely tries to get batman to kill him, simply because to him, batman is incorruptible. The Joker constantly tries to bring batman down to his level. To just kill one person, that would mean victory for the Joker. Beaten to a bloody pulp, the Joker left Jason Todd in an exploding building ultimately killing him. The Joker has paralysed the commissioner’s daughter, just to laugh about it. His main goal in life is to fill batman with so much hate and abhor, that he has no choice but to kill him. Gotham’s white knight, Harvey Dent, used to be a shining example of