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Shawn Scott June 13, 2013 Jonathan Ive
Jonathan Ive is British was born in Chingford London, on February 27 1967. Ive is an English designer and the Senior Vice President of design of Apple Inc. He has the overall responsibility for industrial design and also provides leadership and direction for human interface software teams across the company. He is the lead of many of Apple’s products, including the MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook air, iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and Ios7. Jonathan attended Chingford Foundation School then went to Walton High School in Stafford. He attained many technical and drawing skills through his father. He studied industrial design at Newcastle Polytechnic. He has been interested in drawing and creating things since he was in his early teens. Designing was on his mind all the time. He met with different experts and was drawn to product design. Discovering Apple Mac after having issues with computers, during his late student years, was a turning point for him. He thought the Apple user experience was a departure from the computer design at the time. He co-founded the London design agency Tangerine. He was commissioned in 1992 by Apple’s then chief of industrial design Robert Brunner as a consultant, then as a full time Apple employee. He designed the second generation of the Newton, the messagePad110 taking him to Taipei for the first time. He became the senior industrial design in 1997, after the return of Steve jobs and subsequently headed the industrial design team responsible for most of the company’s significant hardware products. His first design was the iMac it helped make many other designs such as the iPod, iPhone and the iPad. Jonathan proceeded to establish the firm’s leading position with a series show stopping inventions. Jonathan has his own laboratory with his appointed design team. The majority of the Apple employees are not even allowed in the laboratory. The Sunday Times named Jonathan one of Britain’s most influential people. His products are important to the world because Apple products have transformed the way I work, play and listen to music. It has changed some industries, creating new kinds of computing and phones etc. IPods are also helpful when you need to save hundreds of files songs, videos, and photos and have them at your fingertips. This had made my life a little bit better because of all you can do on an iPod. The possibilities are endless. It made life better. Instead of going to the computer to look up things you can go on your iPod and just look it up. You get to download apps for your iPod; social networks iPods have it all. Apple products also affect me when I’m on social networks, my iPhone and iPod would send me notifications to let me know who commented