Jonathan K. Dodson's Gospel-Centered Discipleship Summary

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In the book, Gospel-Centered Discipleship (Re:Lit), by Jonathan K. Dodson sets out a what a Gospel centered discipleship should looks like and why understanding the Gospel is the very first thing and the most important factor in discipleship. His vision in writing this book was to not to just give us the theology of discipleship or to give us the instructions in applying the practical suggestions of living out the Gospel but it was to give us an understanding of both. He wants the reader to get into a deeper understanding of discipleship. He discusses the importance of the Gospel and how the deep understanding of it and the application of it is the best way to disciple to others.
Furthermore, in the first section of the book Dodson defines what discipleship is, examining the theology of the word
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Going into the Prayer Leader position, I thought it to be quite simple. Prepare a short message, speak the message to them, and encourage them throughout the year. Reading this book made me realize there is so much more to it than that. I have been taught the Gospel when I was younger and throughout the years, I know it to be very important but did not really give much attention to it. The Gospel is the foundation to our understanding of Christ. Not just knowing the Gospel but also truly living it out every day of our lives.
Individually, I have learned that I have been missing the big picture in accomplishing the Great Commission. In order to spread the good news, it has to be applied in my life because to some I may be the only Jesus they encounter. I need to learn to talk the talk but also walk the walk. In order to be an effective Prayer and Life Group Leader, I need to pour the Gospel all over the girls in my group, have it be the center of my ministry. Reading Dodson’s book helped my ministry with the girls in my group, and has opened up many eyes and gave them the realization of what they have been