Jonbenet Ramsey Case

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Jonbenet Ramsey was a happy, six year old pageant girl who lived with her mother and father, Patsy and John Ramsey, and her nine year old brother Burke. She lived in Boulder, Colorado. On December 26, 1996, she was found dead in the basement of her home (The Unsolved Murder of Jonbenet Ramsey). For twenty years, it has been an ongoing mystery as to what happened to little Jonbenet on that tragic night.
The night before her murder, the Ramsey family claims to have carried Jonbenet up to her room and said she fell asleep on the way home from a Christmas party the family was at earlier in the evening (The Unsolved Murder Of Jonbenet Ramsey). The next morning at 5:52 am, police dispatch received a call from Patsy Ramsey, (The Unsolved Murder Of Jonbenet Ramsey) telling the police that a ransom note was left on the stairs and that Jonbenet was missing from her room, saying she had no idea how long she had been gone for. One of the police officers suggested that John Ramsey and his friend search the rest of the house (The
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For one, undigested remnants of pineapple were found in her stomach (The Forensic Outreach Team). The pineapple would have had to be eaten between 1 to 2 hours before her death. However, Both parents deny feeding her pineapple and claim she was sleeping but a bowl in the kitchen was found with pineapple (The Forensic Outreach Team) with Burke Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey’s fingerprints on it. Also, the ransom note found on the scene was very long and written on notebook paper from the Ramsey’s home. “The FBI told us they’d never seen a 2.5 page ransom note,” Beckner explained. “No note has ever been written at the scene, and then left at the scene with the dead victim at the scene, other than this case.” (Townsend). Also, a caucasian “pubic or auxiliary” hair was found on JonBenet’s body, which did not match the Ramseys nor has its owner ever been found (The Forensic Outreach